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Welcome to the American Pit Bull Registry ( APBR ). We are the home of the WORLD'S LARGEST PRINTED PEDIGREE and MOST ADVANCED GENEALOGICAL TRACKING SYSTEM.

How much larger is our printed pedigree? A whopping 805%+ larger. While other registries like the ADBA, UKC and AKC offer what many have considered large printed pedigrees offering up to 254 ancestor relationships our 11 GENERATION printed pedigree blows them out of the water with a staggering 2,046. While other registries offer their now tiny 7 generation pedigree for as much as $65 our mammoth 11 generation pedigree is only $40. That's right while their tiny pedigree comes at a large price our mammoth pedigree comes at a tiny price.

In addition to our staggeringly large printed pedigrees the APBR also maintains a proprietary genealogical tracking system that is the most advanced in the entire Registration industry. While printed pedigrees are great they are only 2 dimensional meaning only the past parental information is available. Our Family Profile genealogy tracking system however offers our members access to a ingenious 3 dimensional genealogy tracking system that not only offers past parental information but a complete visualization of an owner's Pit Family. This means you have access to parents, siblings, offspring, mates and all manner of fractional and distant Family relationships. Backward, forward and lateral. No matter how distant the relationship if you can imagine it our system makes it available. Best of all it is auto-updating and offers a LIVE view of your Pit Family as it grows so if you choose to breed you will actually be able to see your offspring, their offspring, their offspring and so on for an UNLIMITED amount of generations in all directions. How much more is this? It's FREE!!! with APBR membership.

It is important to understand that not all Pit's have such an expansive Family. The only way we can tell you if your Pit has such a large Family is for you to provide us with the most advanced genealogy information you have on your Pit during it's registration process. The more you provide us the more we can research on your behalf. For those who do not wish to invest in our advanced printed pedigrees or with less known lineage we will still work with you to do as much research as possible on your behalf and provide up to a 7 generation printed pedigree FREE as well as access to the Family Profile tracking system FREE so as your Pit Family grows you as well as future generation owners can take pride in how large your Pit Family becomes.

If you are looking for a registry to represent you as a Pit Bull owner you have come to the right place. The APBR is the world's largest international Pit Bull specific registry and offers registration services unparalleled in the entire registration industry.

In addition to registration services we are the largest information provider on the world wide web in regards to the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) dog breed.

Although the primary focus of the American Pit Bull Registry ( APBR ) is to register pure bred Pit Bulls, we are a comprehensive resource for the Pit Bull dog breed, owners, rescues, shelters and those wishing to learn more about the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed and its unique history.

The American Pit Bull Registry ( APBR ) is the largest repository of information on Pit Bulls and is considered to be the number one resource and clearinghouse on the Internet with thousands of pages of general and member exclusive content. Please review the links to the left to begin your inspiring quest on all things Pit Bull.


Pit Bull Myth:

Purity of breed can be determined by registration and paperwork.

Pit Bull Fact:

The Pit Bull is the most unregistered pure breed in existence. It also has one of the longest histories of registration of any pure breed. Many pure bred Pit Bulls have had their unregistered records kept meticulously within their family for generations, others have fallen out of the process simply due to breeders not following through with registrations and other Pit Bulls have been targeted and excluded from registration by some registries for no other reason than their coat or eye color. Exclusion from registration however does not equal impure.