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Some of our currently selected most reviewed topics are on:

American Pit Bull Terrier Registration - The American Pit Bull Registry provides Pit Bull registration benefits and services that are unparalleled in the entire industry. In order to register a Pit Bull you are attesting to its purity. If lineage is unknown this will start your Pit Bull's Family Foundation Stock where future genealogical information can be based off of. A minimum of front and side pictures are required with registration along with some type of form submission where you are attesting to purity. Based on registration type payment may or may not be needed.

Health Issues - This section of our site covers many of the most common health issues faced by dogs. Topics covered in the health sections are: Parvo, Roundworm, Tapeworm, Hip Dysplasia, Hookworm, Heartworm, Spay / Neuter, Tick Borne Illness, Demodectic Mange (Red Mange), Coccidia, Whipworm, Canine Brucellosis, and Kennel Cough and rabies. Full articles are provided for each topic. Ongoing discussions can also be found through our PitBullSocial network.

Responsible Pit Bull Breeding and Ownership - Many people who wish to become responsible Pit Bull breeders turn to the American Pit Bull Registry to help them in their efforts of being the most responisble of owners and Pit Bull breeders. The APBR is dedicated to those who wish to responsibly own / breed and work to support their efforts with many benefits and services unmatches by anyone else in the industry.

Pit Bull Pictures - Many people come to our sites to view some examples of the most beautiful Pit Bulls in the world. Throughout our site we provide many fine examples of Pit Bull puppies, red Pit Bulls, Brindle Pit Bulls and every other possible color including Merle. One of our most visited sections is that of our Member Gallery where members place ongoing uploads, Members can also rate, judge and comment on each others. Thousands of pictures are provided here and it is the largest open repository of pit Bull pictures on the entire internet.

If you have do not find what you are looking for within this site please feel free to join our live community at PitBullSocial. General membership is required but free. Advanced membership is based on APBR registration status to receive full level of sevices provided.