FAST TRACK Pit Bull Registration

Welcome to the American Pit Bull Registry (APBR) FAST TRACK Pit Bull Registration system, the world's fastest registration process. Within just a few minutes (10+/-) you can complete the entire registration process of your Pit Bull(s) and within only a few weeks receive your material and begin to take full advantage of the many benefits and services we offer. At the American Pit Bull Registry (APBR) we provide a registration package unparalleled.

In order to take advantage of the FAST TRACK Pit Bull Registration process you will need the following items before you get started:

1. A minimum of one front and one side picture of your Pit Bull in digital format uploaded from your computer.

2. A method of making online payment: Debit Card, Credit Card, Checking Account (online check processing), or PayPal account.

If you meet the two conditions above you are ready to move forward in your Pit Bull Registration process.

Additional material that will help enhance your material, but is not required:

In order to register a litter we require at least one parent already be registered with the APBR OR registered simultaneously with the litter. All litters must have a minimum of one parent represented by APBR membership. Both parents are encouraged.