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Using this Pit Bull Puppy Scheduler will provide a printable schedule that will lead you through the in-utero development process of the pups. This information can be printed as is or transcribed onto a calendar. This scheduler can be used for any dog breed to provide basic canine development information but has been especially developed to prepare the responsible American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) breeder with insight. This includes steps the owner should take to insure the greatest comfort of the mothering Pit Bull through the pregnancy process while at the same time helping to improve the sale ability of their subsequent pups, reduce unnecessary hold times for maturing pups, increase marketing opportunity, and improve bottom line profits.

At the American Pit Bull Registry ( APBR ) we only promote responsible breeding practices. This pregnancy scheduler is meant to be a tool used only in a responsible breeding program to aid in the breeders ability to insure greater quality and control over such programs. Maintaining a responsible breeding program requires much planning and consists of a series of actions that include aspects of health issues, ethical marketing, purchaser screening, ongoing support to buyers, and much more. We highly encourage you to review the sections below to help insure if you decide to breed American Pit Bull Terriers ( APBT ) or any other breed that you will be doing so in the most responsible fashion possible. If considering purchasing a pet we encourage you to only do so from a responsible breeder as using an irresponsible breeder only supports and encourages ongoing irresponsible activities and leads to unnecessary inhumane treatment and unnecessary deaths.


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