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After our email exchange, I went back to reading more of the website. Here I am at work during lunch hour, finding myself moved to tears for the Pit Bull breed.  You have created another true believer and supporter of the breed.  I'll be sending my children and husband to this site this evening.
 Thanks for the work you do.

 Laura Crorey Thank you so much for adding me to your site! I already have had three pups sold, and I was only added a week ago! One puppy sold to someone all the way on the other side of the state, five hours away! The pups are only 11 days old and I have three with deposits!

That would have never happened had you not added a link to my site in the Certified kennel section at:

Thank you APBR. From us here at ThunderStorm Kennels

All our dogs are registered with other kennel clubs but I have to say the American Pit Bull Registry is by far the best. Not only do you offer much more when registering our dogs [reg/ped/disk] but when you have a problem or a question-you are always quick to reply. We feel that we are not just a member of a kennel club but that we have made friends. T he APBR has become our main kennel club and I am more than pleased. We will continue to promote and support the APBR.

Thanks so much for everything you have done.

Wonderful!!!!! (In regards to a letter wrote for publication)

With permission, not only will I send this to The Pet Gazette  but I would like to use your article as the basis for my pamphlet - a project, no rather a dream that is going to become a reality, where I strive to educate shelters, rescue groups, individuals who have rescued Pit Bulls, and person interested in adopting a Pit Bull or buying one from a reputable breeder.  Once completed, I will have this pamphlet printed in volume and mail to every shelter in the State of Tennessee as well as vet offices, grooming businesses, etc.  I will also send that to you to help me refine it, if you don't mind.

My motivation for this pamphlet:  a pit fighter, who was obviously not game enough, was tied in the woods away from civilization to die.  A little terrier alerted his owner that something was far back into the woods.  The guy walked into the woods and found this little Pit with ticks hanging in balls under her arms (the size of golf balls) and she was almost dead.  I found a rescue to take her.  They vetted her and while in her foster home, Tic Tac (the little Pit's name) did okay until she settled in and decided to move up the pack ladder.  She became territorial of food, water, her person, etc. as she probably never had any of these luxuries before and didn't intend to lose her place.  his foster home, out of total ignorance, was keeping Tic Tac in a backyard with 12 other foster dogs.  Tic Tac started whipping butts, one at a time.  I do not believe she really tried to kill any of them, just show them who was boss.  This girl euthanized Tic Tac because a vet told her that this dog was so aggressive that it might turn on a child or person.  I met this dog at adoption days and she was a powerpuff.  Vets do not understand dog aggression, pack order, people aggression, oh well, you know.  So I sat and thought about it, cried, cried, cried and cried about this beautiful little Pit Bull who lost the battle in more ways than one.  And she is why I started Hearts of Gold and she is why I want to educate the entire State of Tennessee about the qualities of this breed and how to understand dog behavior but I am limited in what I can share without the help of others like you who know how to explain it in a way all can understand.  I was fostering for this group who PTS Tic Tac and I immediately resigned.  I will never get tired of studying the Pit Bull breed.  Increasing my knowledge will only arm me with the tools to promote responsible ownership and understanding of this underdog.

Thank you and God bless you for being a "light in the dark" for our beloved breed.


Not a suggestion but a compliment =) You have an Excellent site, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us APBT lovers. 


I have had the chance finally to really search your new site and it is awesome. I love it in fact I have already posted in the forum several times and I was lucky enough to find a stud for my black tri color female  just acquired. she is akc/ukc right now and i will be sending in her paperwork as soon as I get it. I want to thank you personally Lewis for always "listening" to me and for all your help. you have truly done an excellent service for Pit Bulls and pit lovers with your registry and websites. and all your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for everything again.


My girlfriend and I were both surprised by all the great things you guys send out with the registration. The disc is a great concept. I am really excited about that and we do plan to eventually breed Brick with another Wallace Red Nose. Thank you so much for everything. Also, we are getting Brick ready to start pulling competition. He is in training right now. So, we hope that goes well. 



Just opened up the new site-and I am tickled pink that you have used 2 of our dogs. I love the lay out and the directions you are going. I love this kennel club and every one that buys from us tell us they love it also.

Thanks for every thing. We have been covered up with inquiries about our pups through the APBR puppy site. As always-our site on the puppy site looks great.

Thanks for every thing.


Thank you Lewis for making yourself available to our rescue.  It is hard and discouraging sometimes, but when I look at my babies (I have 7 Pit Bulls, 2 are mine) it makes it all worth it and I know that I have to continue.  It is definitely a blessing to know that there is someone else who feels the same way.  When I accidentally ran across Donna on the internet, it was a God-send for both of us.  Until then I didn't think there were many people out there that loved our breed and did not want exploit them.  Now I know different.  There are lots of us and together we CAN change the misconceptions and misinformation.  I look forward to working with you and your site.  As a young rescue, we need all the info and new ideas we can get. 


Thank you for adding our link to your site. I appreciate the added traffic. My site is maintained by myself. I produce websites for Pit Bull breeders and decided to add the classifieds site as a place where I can advertise that.