(NR) Cordeiro's The Man-PP  (I23185)

Gender: Male Male

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MatingTamara's Whitney -
Mating(NR) Cordeiro's Jada Maxx -
Mating(NR) Cordeiro's Loose Change -
Mating(NR) Smith's Venus Flytrap -
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Family with Parents - [View Family]
Father's Family with (NR) Cash's Lady Isabeau - [View Family]
Family with Tamara's Whitney - [View Family]
(F) Mate
Female Offspring
Family with (NR) Cordeiro's Jada Maxx - [View Family]
(F) Mate
Male Offspring
Male Offspring
Family with (NR) Cordeiro's Loose Change - [View Family]
(F) Mate
Female Offspring
Family with (NR) Smith's Venus Flytrap - [View Family]
(F) Mate
Female Offspring

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