media/Smoky Mtns Toby Pit Bull.jpg Smoky Mtn.'s Toby  (I53)

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 10 February 1999

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Birth 10 February 1999
Registration Date 22 September 2003 (Age 4)
MatingSmoky Mtn.'s Cain's China Blu -
MatingSmoky Mtn.'s Maggies Essence -
MatingSmoky Mtn.'s Deja -
Universal IdentifierBFE949E271D2C30441076B7CBEEADD63C936
DesignationsAPBR - Merle Research Participant
APBR NumberNCG10210992890509220300001
APBR Certified Kennel Link
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Family with Smoky Mtn.'s Maggies Essence - [View Family]
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Family with Smoky Mtn.'s Deja - [View Family]
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