media/Smoky Mtn Billy Jac Edge Of Crazy.jpg Smoky Mtn.'s Billy Jac Edge Of Crazy  (I64)

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 17 August 2006

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Birth 17 August 2006
Special NotesSire of Beta Bullies' Camo who is the starting stock of APBR Service Dog Program
MatingSmoky Mtn.'s Cain's China Blu -
MatingE & Js Family Pit Bulls' Double Storm Lyly -
Registration Date 26 May 2008 (Age 21 months)
Other Registries (Accronym - #)UKC - A159,181
Universal IdentifierA38C1553B851E8B45901499A9D89E0D613CC
DesignationsAPBR - Merle research participant, UKC - PR
APBR Certified Kennel Link
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