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Merle Masters Merle Pit Bull Kennels

Merle Masters specializes in purebred Merle Pit Bulls. We only breed the best of the best and all pups are APBR registered and come with a complimentary 11 Generation Super Pedigree with tons of extra goodies. Our focus is on insuring the legacy of Merle in the Pit Bull and we breed to the highest standard with no inbreeding in 4 generations. Our Merle line is one of the best tracked Merle lines in the entire world. We only breed rarely so it is best to reserve in advance. Check out our website for more details, pics and high quality videos.

    Merle Masters Website

Bred 4 Beauty Pit Bulls Kennel

Bred 4 Beauty Pit Bulls is dedicated to producing high quality offspring from the best Pit Bull lines. We have a variety of colors and patterns and are happy to help you find the next great addition to your Family. If you are looking for a great stud for your female check us out also as we have several to choose from. Check out our website at:

    Bred 4 Beauty Pit Bulls

Benevolent Blues Pit Bull Kennels

Benevolent Blues specializes in producing high quality blue Pit Bulls. We believe in limited breeding to insure the health of our female. Our primary male is available for stud services to the right people who also take seriously the Pit Bull breed and its responsible care and ownership. See our Pit Bull Social page here:

    Benevolent Blues Pit Bulls

APBR Certified Pit Bull Kennels

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APBR Certified Pit Bull Kennels
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At the American Pit Bull Registry we manage more Pit Bull kennels than anyone in the world. If you are looking for a great Pit Bull to add to your family or are looking for a mate for a Pit Bull you already have then our APBR Certified Pit Bull Kennels are a great place to start. Above are our featured Pit Bull kennels and below is a listing by region of a few of the many others we have.

Due to the number of Certified Pit Bull kennels we manage it is impossible to include them all. To find more check out our social network ( Pit Bull Social ) which is the world's largest social network dedicated to the Pit Bull and has thousands of members and breed enthusiasts from around the world.

If you are a breeder we encourage you to register your Pit Bulls and become a member of the APBR and our Certified Kennel Program. We offer a wide array of benefits including marketing assistance to help you get the message out about your services. We receive millions of hits on our sites on a regular basis and no other marketing alternative can provide as much impact. Additionally whether you are currently breeding or even if just considering it we encourage you to obtain a copy of our book: "Breeding By The Book" that is not only a detailed overview critical to any breeding establishment but also a premium resource discussing a full array of marketing techniques sure to give its owner a competitive advantage in the sales market. For the breeder there is no better resource on the market to take them successfully from finding a mate, preparing for birth, insuring healthy outcomes, marketing their offspring and finding high quality long-term loving homes.

Alabama ( AL )



Arizona ( AZ )



California ( CA )



Colorado ( CO )



Florida ( FL )







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Illinois ( IL )





Indiana ( IN )



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Maryland ( MD )



Michigan ( MI )




New Mexico ( NM )





New York ( NY )




North Carolina ( NC )









Ohio ( OH )



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Virginia ( VA )



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South Africa








"Aryia and our Kennel Benevolent Blues have already been registered. We are registering our litter and our Sire. Thanks so much. You are an awesome organization!"


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