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Thank you for visiting the American Pit Bull Registry ( APBR ). The APBR is dedicated to providing the highest level of information and services to the Pit Bull community. It is important for us to understand what people like, dislike, or wish to see included. By providing us information through this survey this will help us to continue to improve and provide our readers and the Pit Bull community with the highest quality of service possible.  All  the information in this survey  is kept in strict confidence.  No personal information will be shared in any way with any one other than by request of the person filling out the survey.  No part of this survey is required to submit it and any information you are willing to provide is greatly appreciated.

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The following is demographic information. The reason we ask this is because we like to know our audience and feel like the public has a misperception of just exactly who owns a Pit Bull. Providing this information will help us counteracting many of the negative and false stereotypes about Pit Bull ownership.

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